NEET 2024: Biology Chapter-Wise Important Topics with Weightage

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Preparing for the NEET exam can be a daunting task, especially when it comes to the Biology section. With so many chapters to cover, it’s important to prioritize your study time and focus on the topics that carry more weightage. In this article, we will discuss the chapter-wise important topics for NEET 2024 Biology and their respective weightage.

1. Diversity in Living World

This chapter covers the classification and characteristics of organisms. Some important topics to focus on are:

– Five Kingdom Classification and their characteristics
– Binomial Nomenclature
– Plant Kingdom and Animal Kingdom classification
– Viruses and Viroids

Weightage: 8-10%

2. Structural Organization in Plants and Animals

This chapter deals with the structural organization of plants and animals at different levels. Key topics to concentrate on include:

– Tissues in plants and animals
– Morphology and anatomy of plants and animals
– Plant anatomy – stem, root, and leaf
– Animal tissues – epithelial, connective, muscular, and nervous tissues

Weightage: 8-10%

3. Cell Structure and Function

This chapter focuses on the structure and functions of cells, both prokaryotic and eukaryotic. Important topics to cover are:

– Cell theory and cell hypothesis
– Cell organelles and their functions
– Cell division – mitosis and meiosis
– Biomolecules – carbohydrates, proteins, lipids, and nucleic acids

Weightage: 15-20%

4. Plant Physiology

This chapter deals with the physiological processes in plants. Key topics to concentrate on include:

– Photosynthesis and its importance
– Plant growth and development
– Mineral nutrition and transport in plants
– Plant hormones and their functions

Weightage: 12-15%

5. Human Physiology

This chapter covers the physiology of the human body. Important topics to focus on are:

– Digestive system and its functions
– Respiratory system and its mechanisms
– Circulatory system and blood composition
– Excretory system and urine formation

Weightage: 20-25%

6. Reproduction

This chapter deals with the reproductive processes in both plants and animals. Key topics to concentrate on include:

– Sexual reproduction in flowering plants
– Human reproductive system and gametogenesis
– Reproductive health and related issues
– Techniques of reproductive health

Weightage: 10-12%

7. Genetics and Evolution

This chapter focuses on the principles of genetics and the theory of evolution. Important topics to cover are:

– Mendelian inheritance and genetic disorders
– Molecular basis of inheritance – DNA and RNA
– Evolution and its evidences
– Human evolution and fossils

Weightage: 18-20%

8. Biology and Human Welfare

This chapter deals with the applications of biology in human welfare. Key topics to concentrate on include:

– Health and disease – types and prevention
– Biotechnology and its applications
– Microbes in human welfare
– Strategies for enhancement in food production

Weightage: 6-8%

9. Biotechnology and its Applications

This chapter focuses on the principles and applications of biotechnology. Important topics to focus on are:

– Recombinant DNA technology
– DNA fingerprinting and its applications
– Biotechnology in healthcare and agriculture
– Genetically modified organisms (GMOs)

Weightage: 6-8%

10. Ecology and Environment

This chapter covers the interrelationships between organisms and their environment. Key topics to concentrate on include:

– Ecosystem – structure and function
– Biodiversity and its conservation
– Environmental issues and their management
– Climate change and its impacts

Weightage: 10-12%


In order to excel in the NEET 2024 Biology section, it is essential to have a clear understanding of the important topics and their respective weightage. By focusing on these chapters and topics, you can optimize your study time and increase your chances of scoring well in the exam. Remember to create a study plan, revise regularly, and practice with previous years’ question papers to enhance your preparation. Good luck!


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