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CBSE 10th, 12th Practical Exam 2024! Fresh Guidelines Released

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The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has recently released fresh guidelines for the upcoming 10th and 12th practical exams in 2024. These guidelines aim to provide clarity and ensure a smooth conduct of the practical exams for students across the country. In this blog post, we will discuss the key highlights of the new guidelines and how they will impact the students.

Changes in the Evaluation Process

One of the major changes introduced by CBSE is the inclusion of practical exams in the overall evaluation process. Previously, practical exams were conducted separately and their marks were not included in the final score. However, starting from 2024, the practical exam marks will be considered along with the theory exam marks to determine the final result of the students.

This change is aimed at giving practical exams the importance they deserve and encouraging students to focus on both theoretical knowledge and practical application of concepts. It will also provide a more comprehensive assessment of a student’s overall understanding of the subject.

Updated Guidelines for Practical Exams

The new guidelines also bring some changes in the format and conduct of the practical exams. Here are the key highlights:

  1. Internal Assessment: The practical exams will now include an internal assessment component. This means that a certain percentage of marks will be awarded based on the student’s performance in practical activities throughout the academic year. This will encourage students to actively participate in practical work and develop their skills.
  2. Examination Schedule: CBSE has provided a detailed examination schedule for the practical exams. Schools are required to strictly adhere to this schedule to ensure a fair and uniform evaluation process across all centers.
  3. Practical Exam Format: The new guidelines specify the format for conducting practical exams. It includes the number of experiments, projects, and activities to be performed by the students. Schools are also required to maintain records of the practical work done by each student, which will be verified by external examiners.
  4. Assessment Criteria: CBSE has provided a clear assessment criteria for evaluating the performance of students in practical exams. This includes parameters such as accuracy, presentation, understanding of concepts, and logical reasoning. The guidelines emphasize the importance of fair and unbiased assessment.
  5. External Examiner: To ensure the credibility of the evaluation process, CBSE has introduced the concept of external examiners for practical exams. These examiners will be appointed by CBSE and will be responsible for verifying the records maintained by the schools and conducting the practical exams.


The fresh guidelines released by CBSE for the 10th and 12th practical exams in 2024 aim to bring more clarity and fairness to the evaluation process. By including practical exams in the overall assessment and providing detailed guidelines for their conduct, CBSE is encouraging students to develop their practical skills and ensuring a comprehensive evaluation of their knowledge. It is important for schools and students to familiarize themselves with these guidelines and adhere to them to ensure a smooth and successful conduct of the practical exams.


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