UGC Chief Hints at Discontinuing Normalization of Scores for CUET UG, Exam Rejig Underway by NTA

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In a recent development, the Chairman of the University Grants Commission (UGC) hinted at discontinuing the normalization of scores for the Common University Entrance Test (CUET) for undergraduate programs. This announcement comes as the National Testing Agency (NTA) is currently undergoing an examination rejig to ensure fair and transparent evaluation.


The normalization of scores has been a topic of debate and discussion among students, parents, and educational institutions. While it was introduced with the intention of providing a level playing field for students from different educational boards and backgrounds, there have been concerns about its effectiveness and impact on the overall evaluation process.

The UGC Chief’s statement suggests that the commission is considering alternative methods to evaluate the performance of students in CUET UG. This decision is likely to have a significant impact on the admission process for undergraduate programs across universities in the country.

Normalization of scores involves adjusting the marks obtained by students based on factors such as the difficulty level of the question paper and the performance of other students in the same session. This process aims to eliminate any advantage or disadvantage faced by students due to variations in the difficulty level of different question papers.

While normalization may seem like a fair approach, critics argue that it can lead to unfair outcomes. They believe that students who perform well in a relatively easier paper may end up with lower scores compared to those who perform average in a difficult paper. This can create a sense of injustice among students and affect their confidence in the evaluation system.

Moreover, the normalization process itself has been a subject of scrutiny. There have been instances where errors or discrepancies were found in the normalization formula, leading to incorrect evaluation of scores. Such incidents further raise doubts about the reliability and accuracy of the normalization process.

The UGC’s decision to reconsider the normalization of scores for CUET UG reflects a growing demand for a more transparent and reliable evaluation system. It is expected that the commission will explore alternative methods that can ensure a fair assessment of students’ capabilities without compromising the integrity of the examination process.

Meanwhile, the NTA, which conducts the CUET UG, is working on an examination rejig to address various concerns and improve the overall evaluation process. The rejig is aimed at making the examination more student-friendly and reducing the stress and anxiety associated with it.

The NTA is likely to introduce changes in the question paper pattern, marking scheme, and conduct of the examination to ensure a smoother and more efficient evaluation process. These changes are expected to be implemented in the upcoming academic year, providing students with a better examination experience.

Overall, the UGC Chief’s hint at discontinuing the normalization of scores for CUET UG and the ongoing examination rejig by the NTA indicate a shift towards a more student-centric evaluation system. This development is likely to have a positive impact on the admission process and the overall educational landscape in the country.


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