NMC Releases List Of 972 MBBS Students Without Eligibility Certificates Abroad

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The National Medical Commission (NMC) has recently released a list of 972 MBBS students who have pursued their medical education abroad without obtaining the necessary eligibility certificates. This move comes as part of the NMC’s efforts to ensure the quality and standards of medical education in the country.

The eligibility certificate is a mandatory requirement for Indian students who wish to study medicine abroad. It serves as proof that the student has fulfilled the necessary criteria and is eligible to pursue medical education in a foreign country.

According to the NMC, the list includes students who have studied in various countries, including Russia, China, Ukraine, and the Philippines. The release of this list aims to bring attention to the issue and encourage these students to rectify their situation by obtaining the required eligibility certificates.

Obtaining an eligibility certificate is not a complicated process. Students who have completed their higher secondary education in India need to apply to the NMC for the certificate before they can pursue their medical education abroad. The NMC evaluates the student’s academic qualifications and ensures that they meet the necessary criteria.

By releasing this list, the NMC hopes to create awareness among aspiring medical students about the importance of obtaining the eligibility certificate before pursuing their education abroad. It also serves as a reminder to educational institutions and parents to ensure that students fulfill all the necessary requirements before embarking on their medical education journey.

It is important to note that studying medicine abroad without the required eligibility certificate can have serious consequences. Students who fail to obtain the certificate may face difficulties in securing internships, appearing for licensing exams, and obtaining registration to practice medicine in India.

The NMC has also emphasized the need for transparency and accountability in the process of issuing eligibility certificates. They have urged educational institutions to provide accurate information and guidance to students regarding the requirements and procedures for obtaining the certificate.

For students who are currently studying abroad without the eligibility certificate, the NMC has provided a grace period for rectification. These students are advised to contact the NMC and initiate the process of obtaining the certificate as soon as possible to avoid any future complications.

Overall, the release of the list of 972 MBBS students without eligibility certificates abroad by the NMC serves as a wake-up call for both students and educational institutions. It highlights the importance of adhering to the necessary procedures and requirements to ensure the quality and validity of medical education in India.


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