NEET-UG Exam 2024 Update: Students Can Now Give Medical Exam from Any of These 14 Overseas Centres

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NEET-UG exam :

The National Eligibility cum Entrance Test for Undergraduate (NEET-UG) is a highly anticipated exam for students aspiring to pursue a career in the medical field. The exam serves as the gateway for admission to various medical and dental colleges across India. In a recent update, the authorities have announced that students can now give the NEET exam from any of the 14 overseas centres. This development opens up new opportunities for students who are studying abroad or wish to take the exam outside of India.

NEET-UG exam

The decision to allow NEET-UG to be conducted in overseas centres is a significant step towards making the exam more accessible and inclusive for students. It recognizes the growing number of Indian students studying abroad and provides them with an opportunity to compete without having to travel back to India.

The 14 overseas centres where the NEET exam will be conducted are:

  1. Dubai
  2. Sharjah
  3. Kuwait City
  4. Muscat
  5. Bahrain
  6. Riyadh
  7. Dammam
  8. Jeddah
  9. Abu Dhabi
  10. Al-Ain
  11. Doha
  12. Nepal
  13. Singapore
  14. Penang

These centres have been carefully selected to accommodate the needs of Indian students residing in different parts of the world. The availability of these centres ensures that students have convenient access to the exam without having to travel long distances.

It is important to note that the NEET exam in the overseas centres will be conducted in the offline mode, similar to the exam conducted in India. The exam pattern, syllabus, and eligibility criteria remain the same for all candidates, regardless of the centre they choose to appear from.

Students who wish to appear for the NEET from an overseas centre must fulfill certain eligibility criteria. They should be Indian nationals or Overseas Citizens of India (OCIs) and must fulfill the age and educational qualification requirements specified by the authorities. It is advisable for students to carefully review the eligibility criteria before opting for an overseas centre.

The announcement of these 14 overseas centres for the NEET exam has been met with enthusiasm and appreciation from students and their families. It provides them with more flexibility and options, especially for those who are unable to travel to India due to various reasons.

Students who choose to give the NEET from an overseas centre will still be eligible for admission to Indian medical and dental colleges, subject to their performance and fulfillment of other admission requirements.

In conclusion, the inclusion of 14 overseas centres for the exam is a positive step towards ensuring equal opportunities for all aspiring medical students. It allows Indian students studying abroad to participate in the exam without the need for extensive travel. This update opens up new possibilities and widens the reach of the exam, ultimately benefiting the medical education system in India.


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