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NEET UG 2024: New Website, Revised Application Fee, and Tie-Breaking Policy — List of Changes Introduced This Year

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NEET UG 2024 :

Every year, the National Eligibility cum Entrance Test (NEET) UG exam undergoes certain changes to improve the overall experience for aspiring medical students. The NEET UG 2024 edition brings forth several noteworthy changes, ranging from a new website and revised application fee to an updated tie-breaking policy. In this article, we will explore these changes and their impact on the upcoming NEET UG exam.

NEET UG 2024

New Website

One of the significant changes introduced for NEET UG exam is the launch of a new website. The revamped website aims to provide a user-friendly experience to candidates throughout the application process. With improved navigation and enhanced functionality, the new website ensures easy access to essential information, such as eligibility criteria, exam pattern, syllabus, and important dates.

Additionally, the new website features a responsive design, making it accessible across various devices, including smartphones and tablets. This ensures that candidates can conveniently access the website and stay updated on the latest announcements and notifications related to the NEET UG exam.

Revised Application Fee

Another notable change for NEET UG 2024 is the revised application fee structure. The application fee is an essential aspect of the registration process, and the updated fee ensures affordability and accessibility for all aspirants. The revised fee structure takes into account the economic constraints faced by many candidates, making it more inclusive.

It is important for candidates to review the revised fee structure and ensure they are aware of the applicable fees based on their category and domicile status. This information can be found on the official NEET UG 2024 website, along with the accepted modes of payment.

Tie-Breaking Policy

The tie-breaking policy for NEET UG exam has also been updated to ensure a fair and transparent selection process. In the event of two or more candidates obtaining the same marks in the exam, the tie-breaking policy comes into play to determine the final rank. The revised policy takes into consideration multiple factors to resolve the tie, including:

  • Marks secured in Biology: Candidates with higher marks in Biology will be given preference.
  • Marks secured in Chemistry: If the tie still exists, candidates with higher marks in Chemistry will be given preference.
  • Number of incorrect answers: If the tie persists, candidates with fewer incorrect answers will be given preference.
  • Age: If the tie remains unresolved, the older candidate will be given preference.

It is crucial for candidates to be aware of the tie-breaking policy and its implications. Understanding the policy will help candidates prepare and strategize accordingly, especially in cases where they anticipate a close competition.


The NEET UG 2024 edition brings forth several changes aimed at enhancing the overall experience for aspiring medical students. The new website ensures easy access to important information, while the revised application fee structure makes the process more inclusive. The updated tie-breaking policy ensures fairness in the selection process, resolving ties based on various factors. Aspiring candidates are advised to stay updated with the official NEET UG website for further information and announcements regarding these changes.

Preparing for the NEET UG exam requires dedication, hard work, and staying informed about the latest updates. With the changes introduced for NEET UG 2024, candidates can approach the exam with confidence, knowing that the process has been streamlined to provide a fair and accessible opportunity for all.


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