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NEET Exam 2024 : Investigation into Student Count Discrepancy

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Police Investigating Potential Discrepancy in Student Count
NEET Exam 2024 : Authorities are currently looking into a possible discrepancy regarding the number of students involved in a recent deal. The transaction in question was purportedly intended for either 21 or 26 students, and investigators are working to determine the accurate count.

Bhatt also admitted that he was given Rs 7 lakh for six students by Arif Vahora another co-accused now in police custody.
Against the names of 21 students provided by Roy and Vahora, Bhatt was found in possession of two lists that had 26 names ticked. These included six names of students appearing at the Godhra center and 15 appearing in the Thermal center.
The police is trying to find out the reason for this mismatch and who had given names of the remaining five students to Bhatt. A police official said that Bhatt was now claiming that these names were given by Roy and Vahora, but the this is yet to be verified. Roy on has blamed Bhatt for the scam and claimed innocence.

NEET Exam 2024: Importance of Accurate Information

Ensuring the precision of details such as the number of students involved is crucial in any investigation. The accuracy of this information can significantly impact the course of the inquiry and any subsequent actions taken. Therefore, law enforcement officials are diligently pursuing the truth in this matter.

Collaboration with Educational Institutions

As part of their efforts to ascertain the exact number of students involved, the authorities are collaborating with relevant educational institutions. By working closely with school administrators and staff, the investigative team aims to cross-reference records and gather comprehensive data to resolve the discrepancy.


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