Mumbai: Doctor, 2 Others Cheat Duo of Rs 1.2 Crore with False Promise of MBBS Seat

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In a shocking incident in Mumbai, a doctor and two others have been accused of cheating a duo out of Rs 1.2 crore by promising them a seat in a prestigious MBBS college. The victims, who had dreams of becoming doctors, were lured into paying a hefty sum of money in exchange for a guaranteed admission.

The incident came to light when the victims approached the police after realizing they had been duped. The accused individuals, identified as Dr. X, Mr. Y, and Ms. Z, had posed as representatives of a well-known medical college and convinced the victims that they could secure an MBBS seat for them.

The victims, desperate to fulfill their aspirations of becoming doctors, fell into the trap and handed over the exorbitant amount of money to the fraudsters. They were assured that the admission process would be taken care of and that they would soon be enrolled in the medical college.

However, as time passed and there was no sign of admission, the victims grew suspicious and decided to investigate. They soon discovered that the entire scheme was a well-orchestrated fraud. The medical college, whose name was used by the fraudsters, had no knowledge of any such admission process or involvement with the accused individuals.

The victims immediately lodged a complaint with the police, providing them with all the necessary evidence, including bank transactions and communication records with the fraudsters. The police have launched an investigation into the matter and are working towards apprehending the culprits.

Such incidents of fraud and deception in the education sector are not uncommon. Aspiring students and their families often become easy targets for unscrupulous individuals who take advantage of their dreams and aspirations. It is essential for students and their parents to be cautious and verify the authenticity of any promises made regarding admissions or educational opportunities.

Authorities should also take strict measures to curb such fraudulent activities. Educational institutions need to be vigilant and educate students about the risks and warning signs of scams. Additionally, the government should establish mechanisms to verify the legitimacy of individuals claiming to represent educational institutions.

The victims in this case have suffered a significant financial loss and their dreams of pursuing a medical career have been shattered. It is crucial for society to support and assist such victims, both financially and emotionally, in their quest for justice.

As the investigation unfolds, it is hoped that the culprits will be apprehended and brought to justice. This incident serves as a reminder for everyone to exercise caution and due diligence when dealing with matters related to education. It is unfortunate that some individuals choose to exploit the dreams and aspirations of others for personal gain, but by staying informed and aware, we can protect ourselves and ensure a brighter future for all.


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