Mothers appreciate unique CMS pattern of education


Lucknow, 8 May : Mothers Day was celebrated here today in its usual grandeur and joy by City Montessori School, Rajajipuram Campus II at the Campus auditorium. CMS mothers participated in the programme in huge numbers and gained useful information regarding the Broader and Bolder Education imparted at CMS. The function highlighted the stellar role played by mothers in making the children ideal world citizens who can bring about revolutionary changes in society. Children showered their love over their parents especially the mothers through songs and skits on this occasion. Various interesting competitions were organized for the mothers in which they gladly participated. These included the Rangoli Contest, Family Collage Contest, Mothers’ Talent show, Creative Lunch-Box Contest and other such competitions.

The programme began with an all Religion and World Peace Prayer Ceremony. Expressing gratitude towards the mothers for their active participation in all school activities throughout the year, the children staged a variety of educational-cultural items that won the hearts of all. While on the one hand, Avishi Tiwari enthralled the audience with her beautiful composed poem, extolling the virtues of motherhood, on the other hand, the Students of pre-primary and primary burst out with talent sending waves of excitement among the audience. Principal of CMS Rajajipuram Campus II, Mrs Anupama Checker, dwelt upon the important role of mothers in our lives. She said that mothers were the first educators of the child and it was their responsibility to instill the virtues of love, compassion and truthfulness in their tender hearts. Character formation begins at home and is developed in school. Home and school must collaborate for the total well-being of the child. Personality development is largely based upon the sense of love and security provided at home by mothers.


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