As the cut- off date for completing the obligatory medical internship has been extended to June 30, medical scholars are now demanding that NEET PG 2023 be laid over. NBE has fixed the test date for March 5 and the results would be out by March 31, but scholars wo n’t be suitable to share in the medical comforting process which would be held in July unless they complete their one- time externship.

Since there’s a long gap wherein scholars would be idle, they’re requesting the authorities to defer the NEET PG 2023 test by six to eight weeks. This would help them prepare for their examinations more, and also complete their internship.

Medical counsellors and other experts support the holdback of NEET PG 2023 till May.

National Chairman of the Federation of All India Medical Association( FAIMA) Dr Rohan Krishnan twittered, “ NEET PG test should be laid over till May as comforting can not start before July. Requesting@MoHFW_INDIA to look into this seriously and@NMC_IND should come more scholars friendly. Also, the NEET MDS extension for the internship cut- off date should be done also to NEET PG. ”

Through his tweets, Krishnan is asking authorities to take the matter seriously and take prompt action. He’s in support of scholars entering further time to study and wants the test to be shifted to May as the externship date has been fixed for June 30.
” The demands of the pupil should be heard and the date of the examination should be shifted to May, as they did not get the time to study. They also can not share in the comforting process without the internship instrument. Studying rather of sitting idle for three to four months is better. So, the test should be shifted to May, ” says Gaurav Tyagi, Author of Career Xpert.

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