We want NEET: Students and Parents Tell Maharashtra Government

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As Maharashtra is reviewing the NEET for medical admissions, following Tamil Nadu passing a bill to exclude NEET in the state, parents of aspirants have voiced their opposition. NEET is the test that determines admittance to medical schools across the whole county starting in the year. But, Tamil Nadu passed a bill to abolish NEET for the entire state. It also stipulated that medical admissions be based on the tests in the 12th class, triggering ripple effects in certain states. Soon following Tamil Nadu’s announcement, Maharashtra medical education minister Amit Deshmukh outlined the state’s plans to review the test.

Maharashtra medical education minister Amit Deshmukh Statement:

Deshmukh’s statement, “We are currently in the process of taking stock of the situation, starting from if a state can demand such an exemption to if it will be a comfortable option for students in Maharashtra. After discussions, the state’s decision will be taken.” Deshmukh’s statement, which came on the heels of state Congress chief Nana Patole’s letter to chief minister (CM) Uddhav Thackeray seeking scrapping of NEET, has led to major discussions in Maharashtra.

Other Statements About the Matter:

Sudha Shenoy, said, “This just means bringing back the old chaotic process of medical admission. More so, when the Supreme Court has already ruled in favour of NEET when it was implemented in 2016, can a state have the power to overrule it? Yes, we understand that there could be flaws with the system but those can be corrected. Eliminating the test is not an option.”

Brijesh Sutaria said, “Rules of a game are decided before it starts, not at the time of declaring the result. These students have prepared for NEET for two years straight. And in this process, they tend to ignore Std 12 studies as one only requires above 50% in board exams to qualify for a medical seat,”

Shreya Mulay, an aspirant, said, “If NEET is not there, then the same stress is going to be multiplied due to different curriculums and multiple admission processes. Moreover, there will be a question on uniformity.”

Wrapping Up:

Sudha Shenoy stated that parents were pleased with the results in 2016 after the exam was made available across the nation because it meant that students didn’t have to sit for multiple entrance exams to get admission into medical schools. She also added, “NEET not only ensures the same level of merit because it’s one test across the country, but it will also ensure openness in the admissions process. All this could be lost if the decision of TN is replicated within Maharashtra.” The official added that a number of students from Tamil Nadu are contemplating a legal challenge against the government’s position.


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