Value-based education will nurture students as ideal World Citizens — Dr Jagdish Gandhi

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Lucknow: March 21 : Addressing a gathering at the ‘Divine Education Conference’ organized by City Montessori School, Rajajipuram Campus II at CMS Kanpur Road auditorium, the CMS Founder and renowned educationist, Dr Jagdish Gandhi said that value-based education guides students throughout their lives. If we fail to sow the seeds of mercy, forgiveness, truthfulness, hard work and humility in children, then they will grow up into a tree with leaves but weak roots. We strive for making their roots strong and for this, Divine Education is a must for it. He appealed to the parents to provide a devotional and well-cultured atmosphere at home.

            Earlier, the Divine Education Conference was inaugurated in a happy and joyous atmosphere. All Religion Prayer and World Peace Prayer were performed by the students. The children showcased their talents through music and dance. They presented meaningful talks on values, global thinking, serving the entire humanity and excellence in everything and pledged to follow the road that takes them towards self-discipline, dutifulness, sense of cooperation, world peace and world unity. The occasion became even more joyous with the happy faces of the prize-winners in class examinations and in various contests held throughout the year.

            Speaking on this occasion, the Principal of CMS Rajajipuram Campus II, Mrs Anupama Checker thanked the parents for their constant support saying that children are gifts of God to mankind and we make every effort to turn them into the light of the world.

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