The draft course rules suggest a mandatory internship of one year for a BDS candidate:


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New Delhi: Undergraduate dental education is likely to include compulsory one-year internship and a semester system on the lines of MBBS. As per the draft Bachelor of Dental Surgery course rules, it will also have a credit based system. Under the draft curriculum rules, it will take five-and-a-half years to complete the BDS, which includes one year of compulsory internship. At present, compulsory internship is not a part of BDS. The draft also proposes to change the current annual system to a one-semester system, with medical training being completed in nine semesters.

The new curriculum also proposes to follow a competency based approach which aims at looking at training outcomes. It will also give credit to each course and provide choice based credits, allowing students to choose a few electives. The new system will also allow credit transfer between colleges.

The curriculum will be divided into core subjects that a student must study compulsorily, electives that the student can choose from, and foundation courses. As per the draft, the foundation courses will be of two types, which include compulsory foundation courses which will enhance the knowledge of the students and optional foundation courses which are for ‘man making’.
The core subjects in the curriculum will include courses like medical bioethics and elective courses like article writing, systematic review, sports dentistry, sleep medicine, forensic odontology, dental jurisprudence, social justice, environmental science and yoga

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