New Delhi The National Medical Commission( NMC) has applied to the Union Ministry of Health for blessing of the National Exit Test( NEXT) to be conducted by the All India Institute of Medical lores( AIIMS) in New Delhi this time, as ThePrint has reported.

NEXT is meant to be a single test, which includes last time’s MBBS examinations at medical sodalities across India, National Postgraduate Entrance Examination( NEET- PG) and Foreign Postgraduate Medical Examination( FMGE)- entrance examinations for those pursuing MBBS abroad – intended to replace the practice in India.

NEET Result 2023

The first NEXT test is anticipated to take place latterly this time. ” NMC has written to us requesting that AIIMS can host NEXT this time and a decision will be made soon after considering the option,” a elderly functionary in the ministry’s medical education department told ThePrint. presently the MBBS final examinations are held by each tertiary institution, while the NEET- PG and FMGE are administered by the National Examination Agency( BKN) under the Director General of Health Services, Ministry of Health. A elderly Ministry of Health functionary told ThePrint that the NMC had originally considered organizing NEXT from the NBE.

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Dr M. Srinivasan, Director of AIIMS in New Delhi, said that the final decision on the matter should be taken by the ministry.” But we can be held responsible,” he told ThePrint. ThePrint also communicated NMC ChairmanDr.S.C. Sharma by phone for comment.

Copy will be streamlined upon damage of reply. Meanwhile, medical associations have expressed concern about this time’s NEXT, citing issues similar as differences in scale times for MBBS at sodalities across the country and the possibility that those who failed last time’s NEET- PG will be allowed to attend this time’s NEXT.

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