Tamil Nadu’s Government shocking claims on NTA NEET entrance exam

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The Tamil Nadu’s Government appointed a committee to analyse the data on the impact of NEET (National Eligibility cum entrance test). The report claims that the number of students from rural areas, economically weaker families, state board affiliated schools, Tamil-medium schools have significantly decreased in medical colleges after the NEET entrance exam was introduced in 2017-18.

The Indian Express report

Reports displayed by The Indian Express show that the proportion of rural students pre and post coming of NEET exam have decreased a lot. It is estimated that from an average of 61.45% the proportion has decreased to 50.80%. The report claims that the students of government schools are the most affected ones. 

Statistically, on average 1.12% of government school students made up to first-year MBBS in Tamil Nadu pre-NEET. This figure dropped to 0.16% in Tamil Nadu post-NEET. 

The study also revealed that the proportion of students from English medium schools have increased from 85.12% to 98.01%  in the medical colleges since the NEET entrance exams have been introduced. 

Decrease in the proportion of students bases on income

The report claimed that the proportion of students having an annual income of about 2.5 lakh have decreased 47.42% to 41.05% from 2016-17 to 2020-21. The proportion of students with an annual income of more than 2.5 lakh have increased to 58.95% from 52.11% at the same time from 2016-17 to 2020-21. The reports even claimed that CBSE students get more benefits than Tamil Nadu government school students. 

The Tamil Nadu Government claims that the coming of NEET has led to a decreased number of students from government schools, rural schools, Tamil Nadu schools, and economically weaker students in medical colleges. Highlighting this fact, it shows that students from English medium backgrounds have gained more benefits from coming to NEET. 

Wrapping up

Statistically, the reports show that Tamil Nadu students are facing a lot of problems in entering into medical colleges ever since NEET has been introduced. Making such a big claim, Tamil Nadu Government students from rural areas and financial issues are at disadvantage. The Indian Express suggests there are more CBSE students in medical colleges. 


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