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After the state government decision for 50% reservation in admission in service doctorate degree the doctors association is not seeking reservation and other specialised courses such as MCH and DM.

TN medical officers association accepted the government decision very openly and demanded to extend the reservation to a more specialised and mastered degree.


The teen doctors association is demanding the reservation because there was no in-service admission in MDS colleges in the year 2019 and only two in the year 2020. The main reason for this demand was the requirement in the number of admissions in in-service doctorate degrees. The TN medical officers association filed a petition complaining to the government against the same issue in the year 2020. After the filing of the petition, the government then took any significant action in the field and the TN medical officers association since then was waiting for this decision to come by. As the government declared 50% reservation in admission in service doctorate degrees the TN medical association has now High hopes for restraining it’s a struggle for the reservation inservice MDS colleges.


If the government accepts the TN medical officers association’s demands and the reservation is initiated this will highly enhance the admission in service medical doctorate degrees in colleges. The statistics of the Year 2019 and 2020 would be left far behind after the implementation of the reservation in students seeking admission in MBBS colleges regularly. This will facilitate the state to enhance the education ministry and education criteria over the whole state of Tamil Nadu. Many critics have come forward in support of this demand of the TN medical officers association and a saying that the government must take out and initiate appropriate policies to address the same issue. The TN medical association was also said to write a letter to the Chief Minister of the state to address the medical council and the education ministry of the state of Tamil Nadu to take proper initiative to address their demands for the stop. The students are also in full support of this decision and they want it to be implemented.


The demands of the TN medical officers association is now gaining a lot of support over the state of Tamil Nadu among the doctor youth full stop the demands are very logical and the government must look forward to execute and initiate one of them in order for the betterment of the medical education field in the state full stop at last we can hope for the better future of the state and the TN medical officers association.


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