Students, be calm and confident during your Exams –Dr Jagdish Gandhi

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Lucknow, February 13 : Renowned Educationist, Dr Jagdish Gandhi, Founder of world famed City Montessori School wished the very best to students taking the ISC Board Examinations 2023 and advised them to remain a calm and composed attitude during the prestigious examinations.Motivating the students to put their best foot forward, he said that examinations are opportunities to prove oneself and must be welcomed with open arms. The year long hard work and intense labour of students is sure to yield good results and lead to success, he said. It may be mentioned that Class XII (ISC) Board Examinations 2023 begin today. In an informal talk, Dr Jagdish Gandhi stated that as in the past several years, this year too, CMS students will break all records and achieve unparalleled success in the Board Examinations making us all proud. He advised the students to stay away from temptation and distraction and take the exams with a calm, positive and winning attitude, success is bound to be theirs for the taking.

            Chief Public Relations Officer of CMS, Mr Hari Om Sharma informed that around 3000 CMS students are taking ISC examination this year. Examinations were being carried out at the CMS Campuses in a congenial and peaceful environment. Students were full of enthusiasm and energy, ready to outpour their knowledge through these significant exams. Teachers at CMS Campuses spared no effort in encouraging the students to do their best and reveal their hidden talents in various subjects. Mr Sharma said that during the past several years, CMS students have performed exceedingly well in the ISC and ICSE Boards and created national history with their marvellous results. They have proved to be unbeatable and unsurpassable. In the year 2022, as many as 59 CMS students secured 99% and above marks in the aggregate in ISC Exams, setting a new national record in academic history. Five brilliant CMS students achieved the distinction of being placed first on the national merit list bringing name and fame to the city of Lucknow. Mr Sharma expressed the belief that this year, CMs students will create history by smashing their own previous record and attaining the highest degree of success with their determination and hard work.

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