Hansaram from Barmer, Rajasthan could not get a place in a medical college even though he passed the medical entrance test in 2020 because he could not afford the tuition fee for admission to a private college. He scored 595 points out of 720. These marks did not suffice to pass the medical schools. He needed just 10 marks more to secure an entry into the state colleges.

 Hansaram Cracks NEET Using Friend’s Edtech Subscription: In the hope of becoming an ophthalmologist, he tried to do it again. With the help from a close friend. Hansaram was compelled to become a medical doctor at an early age after his mother died because of the lack of medical services. His 62-year-old mother was employed as an MNREGA laborer, while his younger brother was physically disabled and unemployed. His mother passed away in 2013 from kidney issues and the inaccessibility to access medical care. In the wake of her death, the man was fired up to go on working harder. His friend was there to support him. The teenager’s friend gave him the option of a subscription to the online tests to help him with the test. Hansaram claimed that the person who offered him the test online registration was actually a close friend who was one of his buddies. He had signed up for the test series online but decided to give up on studying, and then handed Hansaram his password and login for NEET 2021 exam preparations.


Conclusion: With more tools, he was able to pass this year’s medical entrance exam the NEET 2021, and got 627 out of 720, by studying himself and taking online tests through a friend’s subscription. This year, he’s improved his scores and is expected to pass, but the process of counseling for college admission has not yet begun. In addition, the state and central governments also provide free coaching for kids who are unable to pay for coaching for NEET.

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