Strategies to maximize the physics preparation for NEET 2021 aspirants.

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With NEET approaching soon, many students will hustle with the completion of their syllabus and revision of all things at the last moment. As per the National Testing Agency(NTA), NEET is scheduled to take place on 12th September 2021, in spite of several petitions being filed, they have not considered extending the date. 

NEET being the medical exam, the core subjects include Physics, Biology, and Chemistry. After several pieces of research and surveys, it had been clear the students were dreaded by Physics. The other two, mostly being the theoretical subject, are however easy for students to grasp and remember for a long time. Physics is a practical paper, where students have to solve each question using logic and formula, which turns out to be tougher than the other two. Hence, Physics is the main subject that determines the ranking and marks of an aspirant.

Effective tips to increase efficiency for Physics Preparation for NEET aspirants.

  • Know your chapters well:- First and foremost, students must identify the subjects and chapters’ basic concepts having the highest weightage. Review the last years’ papers and analyze the topics which weighed more and were less typical.
  • Read your textbooks thoroughly:- Out of all the questions in this section, there are many which are factual or memory-based. So, read your textbooks thoroughly and try to recall all important pointers, this will jog your memory well. Getting these questions correct gives you confidence as well as helps you score marks efficiently in very little time. Hence, providing you more to solve the twisted or tricky questions.
  • Create and learn the formulas:-Out of 45 questions, almost 20-25 questions in NEET are direct applications of standard formulas. Due to time constraints, you can’t derive those formulas during the exam. Hence, it is very important that all the standard formulas are learned by heart. To avoid any confusion, you must memorize the formulas and revise them regularly. 
  •  Manage your time:- Since NEET is a 3-hour paper, you should aim to solve all the 45 questions of Physics within 55-60 minutes. So, apart from remembering the correct formulas, you need to be quick in solving problems as well i.e. in the calculation. So try to find shortcuts for your calculations and practice them well before the examination.
  • Cut down the steps:- keep the presence of mind during the exam which will help save your precious time. Not all the questions need to be solved exactly to reach the answers. Certain numerical questions have options that are far off, and hence we can take big approximations to make the calculation easy for us. Some options can be eliminated by dimensional analysis itself and graph-based questions are easily solved by substituting extreme case values.
  • Analyze your results:- After every test, perform a thorough analysis of the paper. Identify the questions which you couldn’t solve or the questions you got wrong. Find out the mistakes you made. It could also be a silly mistake that you committed and will result in negative marking. 


To ensure that you are preparing in the best possible way, revise all your mistakes and solve a wide range of numerical problems from last year’s papers. These will help you to prepare well for your exams. In the end, the most important tip, don’t stress yourself, whatever you have studied till date this is enough just revise it once again and be confident.


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