The chief minister of tamil nadu is constantly reaching to the non-Bjp chief minister’s for their support for the demand of  Abolishing NEET after the suicidal attempt of three NEET aspirants in tamilnadu.

About the issue

MK Stalin, chief minister of tamil nadu is constantly seeking for the support of the chief ministers of neighbouring states: chief minister of telangana, K chandrashekhar Rao, chief minister of telangana and YS Jagan Mohan reddy, chief minister of Andhra Pradesh for the demand of Abolishing NEET exam for medical students. NEET is a nationwide medical entrance test mandatory to qualify to take admissions in medical colleges. 

M.K Stalin is constantly reaching out to the Non BJP chief minister of India to support him in demanding the Abolish of the national eligibility cum Entrance Test NEET exam to the Union government of india. 

On October 13, Two MPs (Member of Parliament) of David munnetra kazhagam (DMK) called on Telangana Rashtra samithi( TRS) working minister KT Rana  and telangana minister handed over him the letter that was written for chandrashekhar Rao by MK Stalin. Also on Wednesday,  minister of DMK has met the chief minister of Odisha, naveen patna for the support in the Abolishing of NEET exam 

Response from other minister’s

The MPs of DMK have looked into this matter and given a statement that we are concerned about the future of the students we are demanding the abolition of the NEET exam. The leader of TRS has also given the positive response to the request of the chief minister of telangana.  The leader of DMK. Has also met the chief minister of Andhra Pradesh and sought their support to abolish the NEET exam.

Statement of Elangovan 

Elangovan has given the statement that NEET is affecting the students of almost all the states. We built infrastructure for medical colleges and universities and paid salaries to the teachers but NEET has become a pressure on student’s minds which makes it difficult for them to take admissions in medical colleges. Thus it is against federalism and we demand that education must be on the state list instead of concurrent list.

Now we request all the chief ministers of all opposition parties of our country in the matter. He also said that the centre is taking away the rights from the states and this must be stopped and for this we have to raise our voice strongly.  MP of TRS Ranjith Reddy has also discussed the details of this with KTR.


Tamil nadu has lost many bright students just because of the fear of failure in the NEET exam. It has forced the state assembly to pass a bill to abolish the admission in medical colleges through the NEET exam due to concerns about the student’s future. 

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