Lucknow, April 9 : During the past six years, Chief Minister, Yogi Adityanath has completely transformed the state of Uttar Pradesh providing unparalleled service to the people of U.P. and has left an indelible mark of his genius on the minds of the public setting a rare example of astute leadership, indomitable courage and sound administration. Such deep-rooted feelings were expressed by the Founder-Manager of City Montessori School, Dr Jagdish Gandhi at a press conference organized here today. Dr Gandhi said that during the past six years, Yogiji has won the hearts of the people with his selfless service for the welfare of the public in Uttar Pradesh and ensured that this is his family of 25 crore people. He has made it his goal to see that each and every person of the state is happy and progressive enjoying all the facilities and opportunities provided by the administration. A striking example of his loyalty and devotion, his commitment for the people of the state was seen in the Corona times when he fought tooth and nail to ward off the disease from the public and worked up to his neck finding no time to spare and thus missing out attending his father’s funeral who died during this sorrowful time. Even today, Yogiji’s sister runs a tea-stall in a hut with no regrets and no harsh feelings for anyone.The point to be noted here is that the Honorable chief Minister, Shri Yogi Adityanath has been working constantly to promote human welfare without bothering for any comfort or luxury for himself or his family members. There are numerous other examples which exemplify the total dedication and devotion of the Chief Minister, his strong values of service to humanity, honesty of purpose and deep commitment to duty and his inner spiritual strength. It is for this reason that Yogiji has carved a name for himself and earned the respect of people of India as well as across the borders. Speaking further, Dr Jagdish Gandhi said that Yogi Adityanath has proved his administrative powers and visionary approach by achieving such tremendous progress in the all-round development of the state which was unimaginable a few years ago. There is no part of social development that has escaped his eye or gone untouched by his administration. Law and order, agricultural production, industrial development, education, sports, tourism and culture, finance, khadi and village industries, urban development, rural development, health and medicine, and several other areas of society have picked up progress, and the day is not far off when the state shall achieve its target of being a one trillion dollar economy. This rosy picture of U.P. which was previously a dream has now been turned into a reality thanks to the visionary zeal of Yogiji. A zero tolerance policy has been adopted in the state towards organized crime and special efforts for protection of women have contributed to making it a happy and well protected state.

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