Re- scheduling of exams-

The National Testing Agency( NTA) recently and the minister of education, Dharmendra Pradhan announced that the National Eligibility cum Entrance Test  undergraduate (NEET UG) will be taken on 12th of September 2021 and National Eligibility cum Entrance Test postgraduate ( NEET PG) will be taken on 11th September 2021. First the exam for the undergraduates was scheduled to be taken on 1st of August 2021 but due to the sudden surge in covid 19 and looking at the current dangerous situation, NTA and education minister decided to postpone it and now it is scheduled on 12th of September. 

Students viewpoint in the decision made-

The announcement of the dates of exams created a deep impact on students. Different students took the news in a different way and each thought in a different point of view. A large group of students as well as their parents requested to postpone the exams to October looking at the hike in cases. Also the third wave of covid 19 is to hit India in the month of September which has added tension to their concern too. A section of students are happy after this as they have seen this as an opportunity to score their desired marks getting enough time to prepare themselves for the competition. Some of them are happy with the change in exam pattern as they think that preparations are just a cake walk when you know the pattern and are used to it and with the change in pattern the competition will increase and the students taking advantage of this time will prevail. While others are busy making and filing petitions to postpone the exam further, a greater number of students are knocking the door of the authorities. The student groups have been divided much and there has been prevailing differences in their thoughts as everyone has taken the news in their own way. Here comes the most important question of all. Do the aspirants really want exams to be postponed?

Do the aspirants really want exams to be postponed?

Looking at the differences jn the thoughts of students above, it can clearly be concluded that doing yes to any one group will create havoc in the minds of others. A student said, ” I am very elated with the decision made by the government. Further delays are something I won’t wish for.” A student claimed that ” The NEET update by NTA came out to be so refreshing. The decision to change the pattern is also good as it will benefit a lot of students coming from different boards and making the exam a cut to cut competition” he added.

The hashtag, #PostponeNEETUGtillOctober comes off to be trending as greater amount of students are wishing the exams to get postpone further.

Ayushman behera tweeted: Please consider postponing neet ug 2021. In reality its not possible to get prepared for this exam in all this situation. #postponeneet2021 #postponeneetug2021 #noexamsincovid #postponeneetUG2021 # DG_NTA 

Dryunusdpl786 tweeted: Sir please postpone neet ug exam 2021 exams to oct. folded hands even we need time to study. We also need a environment which is stressfree. Coachings not open and we need time for self study.


Why postponement?

There are various reasons why the students and their respective guardians are wishing further postponement:

  1. The hike in covid cases is putting the students into great tension.
  2. The JEE MAINS exams are also scheduled on October 3 and the students are enquiring why not take NEET in October? Making it a comparison based situation.
  3. Many have not started preparing as they thought that their exams would be postponed further and when they will have 2-2.5 months in hand they would get into preparation. 

But the sudden announcement of the dates and seeing only around 1 month in hand, they were tense and hence started raising voices for postponements.


The NEET UG exams are scheduled to be taken on 12th of September 2021 as announced by NTA recently. This has created havoc among a large group of students which has brought them to the doors of the authorities to request postponement of the exams.

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