Rs 50,000 Stipend Demanded For MBBS Interns On COVID Duty In GMCs Says ASMI

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NEET Bulletin (New Delhi, Desk): Medical Students are having no way to escape from Covid’19 either they are busy treating patients or giving duty in hospitals. Looking into this matter ASMI The Association of State Medical Interns Maharashtra has requested the Chief Minister to pay them a stipend of RS 50,000 considering all the risks and efforts they are doing for the patients and infected people.

The interns are working day and night to help the medical facilities and ASMI has asked a hike upto Rs 50,000 who currently are getting Rs 11,000. The ASMI has mentioned in its letter that the BMC interns are getting a stipend of Rs 50,000 and an additional amount of Rs 300 daily and noticing the same ASMI wants the medical interns also should get the same amount and hike so that it can help them to fulfil their needs.

Noticing the stipend structure of Student nurses are granted Rs.20,000 per month incentive, MBBS doctors/Medical Officers/Assistant Medical Officers are getting Rs.80,000 per month for working in this pandemic So the student interns should also get a hike in stipend during this pandemic and help them to manage everything properly.


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