Clouds of uncertainty hovering over NEET

Amid the ongoing pandemic, the education sector was the worst hit.  Where there are students facing academic inefficiencies due to online mode of education as the ‘New Normal’, there is also a significant section of the students who have been preparing for competitive exams such as IIT -JEE or NEET and are prone to huge anxiety and stress levels these days.

NTA to conduct NEET on 12-09-2021

The Central Government has released the date  for NEET(UG) which is to be conducted by NTA ( National Testing Agency) on 12-09-2021 between 2:00-5:00 pm.  However, the decision has faced a lot of backlash by the students and their parents in various parts of the country who want  the exam to be postponed till october 2021.

The reasons stated by parents and students are several including:-

1.The ‘Third wave’ terror.

Students and parents have said that they have their own set of concerns and the most prominent of them  is the threat against covid-19. The second wave might have slowed down in the country but the rise in cases due to the delta-variant of Covid-19 has increased the possibility of the suspected ‘Third Wave’ and levying the restrictions and conducting examinations on a nation-wide level amid such times cannot be categorized as a good decision.

2.Lower pace of vaccination

Also the speed of vaccination has been reduced in the past one month because of the unavailability of the same. There are no slots available so there are chances that many of the inviligigators, security guards who will be present on several examination centres on the day of the exam would not be vaccinated and the students are at a higher risk of getting infected after being in contact with such people.

  1. Predict, Analyse & Prepare

The students who are still not 18 yet, do not have any proper protection or immunity against the virus and are amongst the highest prone to the deadly virus. Students are asking the government not to take any decision in haphazard manner and wait for at least a month to analyze the situation or the possible threat that may emerge in coming times and then plan out things accordingly.

  1. Mental health at risk

The second wave created a devastating scenario followed by multiple deaths, lost loved ones, crisis for medical help, thus, emotionally burdening the students. The chronic stress, anxiety and depression students have gone through among these gloomy times should not be ignored according to several parents and students and extending the exam date to a month or approximately two months later will give them some relaxation of time to boost themselves up and execute their preparation for the exam accordingly.

  1. Adjustments with the ‘New normal’

A lot of students have still not been able to adjust themselves with the online mode of education. Children who are not that ‘tech savvy’  face several hurdles in retaining what has been taught in the classroom.

  1. No alternative of classroom-teaching

With the fact that social life has also become virtual now students haven’t got the very apt atmosphere for their studies because learning is a social activity and the nation wide closure has put a halt on the exposure which is quintessential for a well-groomed personality.

  1. Digital divide

A lot of students even faced internet connectivity issues and a scarcity of digital devices making the situation even worse for them.

                                                                                          Following are the reasons that have drawn the student community to protest and they seem to be quite firm with their demand set and are saying to continue it until and unless their demands are not met. 


Nobody needs to worry, arrangements have been made- Government

  Although the central government seems in no mood of changing its decision and the exam is supposed to be held on the said date, the reason being that extending the exam till October will cause more delay in the commencement of the new session of 2021-2022. The government said that it has increased the number of examination centres and covid-19 guidelines will be strictly followed in each and every centre, therefore , ceasing any threat to the students.

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