Whatever the situations are, dedication and dedication to the cause pay dividends in the end. An example that stands out is Dudharam an habitant of Kamthai village in the Sindhari Tehsil in Barmer who scored 626 points out of 720. He will soon be the first doctor to be from the Kamthai Samdari village of Barmer. “I want to treat cancer patients for free” Hansram Patel who is a laborer in Rajasthan’s Barmer was able to fulfill his aspirations of becoming a physician when he passed NEET.

About Hansram Patel:

Hansram Patel from Barmer had an uphill struggle growing up. He lost his father while he was in the 7th grade He was required to start making a living for his family. He was able to surpass every obstacle and pass the examinations in the third attempt. There is no replacement for determination and hard work, which is the case with Hansram Patel, a laborer from the Barmer district, Rajasthan is an ideal illustration of this. He passed NEET on the third attempt and scored the All India Rank of 9,210 and an OBC category score of 3,4.50

Patel was forced to assume family responsibility at a young age because of the death of his father as a child in Class 7. To survive the family, he began working as a laborer to provide for his mother, an physically impaired elder brother, as well as two younger sisters. After attending a school in the village until Class 10 the support of his maternal uncle allowed him to continue his secondary education at Jodhpur. The uncle advised him to take the NEET. The first time he attempted it this year, he got 493. In the second attempt, the score was 595 but he missed by 10 marks of getting the Government seat. On his third attempt, he was able to score 627 from 700. He hopes to be an oncologist, and he wants to offer cancer treatments for free.

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