Participating students display their scientific talents in Computer, Model Making and Science quiz contests

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Lucknow, 28 February : The two-day online Science and Computer Festival ‘Vista-2021′ organized by City Montessori School, Aliganj Campus I to mark National Science Day began today with participation of budding scientists of classes IV and V displaying their knowledge and skills most enthusiastically. The competitions held today at Vista 2021 included Technothon, Technowiz, Nuts and Bolts Model Making and the Fast and Furious quiz which brought out a great display of students’ scientific temper, creativity, imagination and knowledge impressing  the audience. The display of talents by participating students left a mesmerizing effect on the audience who praised them with leaps and bounds. Earlier, the students of CMS Aliganj Campus I presented an enchanting educational-cultural programme online at the inaugural ceremony, beginning with the School Prayer, All Religions and World Unity Prayer.

            The programme began with the Talk Show ‘Technothon’ which was an effort to connect young minds to the latest in Science and Technology. The participating students learnt about the lives of great scientists of India including CV Raman, Homi Jehangir Bhabha, APJ Abdul Kalam, Srinivas Ramanujam, Subhramaniam Chandrashekhar, Jagdish Chandra Basu, Satyendra Nath, Ajay V. Bhatt etc. The students were told about the contributions of these great scientists in the development and welfare of the nation. This event was followed by Nut and Bolts Model Making competition wherein the self made scientific models of the participants were displayed online.

            In Technowiz competition, the contestants were required to create new and original projects (story, animation or game) with the main subject ‘Save Our Planet’. The participants’ creations on issues like water conservation, environment protection, energy conservation, bio-diversity, cleanliness amazed all with their creativity and originality. The participants’ commitment to keep the earth clean and green and their knowledge of Science and Computers, came out outstandingly in this competition, mesmerizing both the audience and judges alike. Fast and Furious Quiz, the next competition of the day was equally interesting. CMS Alumni Abhay Ojha very ably conducted this quiz and the participants garnered great appreciation with prompt answers to the most difficult of questions. This event was conducted in two rounds. The four team qualifying the first round got the opportunity to display their knowledge in the final round.

            Chief Public Relations Officer of CMS, Mr Hari Om Sharma said that this event organized to mark the National Science Day is one unique way of CMS to hone students’ talents and skills. He informed that the Closing and Prize Distribution Ceremony of Vista 2021 will be held tomorrow on 1st March 2021, Monday at 3.00 pm in which the prize winners of various contests will be awarded. Deputy Chief Minister of UP, Hon’ble Dr Dinesh Sharma will be the Chief Guest on this occasion.


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