Participants show skills and knowledge in debate and digital comic books

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Lucknow, December 4 : The second day of the five-day International Youth Fest organized by City Montessori School, Rajajipuram Campus II, has been exciting and absorbing. The participants of Nepal and various states of India, with prowess and talent, indulged in a tough competition to present something new.Debate on the theme ‘Can youth play a pivotal role in finding gender gap issue’, was the first competition today, held in two rounds.

            15 participants of the preliminary round made it to the final round. They put their logical points for and against the motion. They had three minutes to speak in the preliminary round and one and half minutes in the final round, and they applied logic, wisdom, and analytical skills to prove their arguments. Speaking for the motion, Sarita Gupta of Durga Shaikshik Griha School, Nepal said that youths are well equipped with energetic minds, and therefore, they can play a pivotal role in solving gender-related issues. Youths of today are also aware that these issues are socially constructed. Anish Singh of Purushotam Bhagchandra Academy School, Kolkata, spoke for the motion and said that we need to strengthen more leadership qualities of women. Anush Kayastha of Mount View English Boarding School, Nepal, said against the motion that if you glance towards the present society you will find youths passive about societal issues. If youths cannot wait for noodles to be cooked in more than two minutes, then how can they wait for decades to bring change?

            Similarly, Digital Comic Competition drew attention for its creativity, artistry, and presentation shown by the teams that came from Nepal and the states of India. Participants revealed their inner talents in preparing wonderful computerized comic books on the theme ‘Importance of family unity for environment conservation’. Each team consisted of two students who, by dint of their meaningful thinking and knowledge, made a ten-page book, including the cover page.

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