Lucknow, 12 August : On the second day of the 4-day International English Literature Olympiad ‘Odyssey International-2021’ organized b City Montessori School, Rajajipuram Campus I today, the student participants from South Africa, Sri Lanka, Mauritius, Nepal, Kuwait, Germany, Indonesia and various states of India displayed their knowledge and skills in different interesting competitions, while at the same time exchanging thoughts and ideas and learning about each other’s culture and traditions. The participants from India and abroad amazed all with an outstanding display of their knowledge, creative imagination, debating skills and powerful elocution in the debate competition and group discussion held today.

            The topic of seniors’ debate, ‘La Deliberation’ was ‘Modern Literature remarkably reverberates Victorian Era’ in which 25 student teams from India and abroad put up their ideas for and against the motion in the most convincing way in the stipulated 3 minutes time. Speaking for the motion, the participants said that the modern literature too has mention of various social issues like the inequalities women and children face in the society, the issue of poverty and economic disparities while those speaking against were of the view that the modern literature has glimpses of the technological advancements and the scientific developments in the world.

The’ Open Mic Session’ and ‘Interaccion Online (Virutal discussion)’ was also organized on two topics namely, ‘What has been the most fascinating element in Dickens’ writings’ and ‘How is education important for reaching the Sustainable Development Goals’ wherein all participants held detailed scholarly discussions.

            Chief Public Relations Officer of CMS, Mr Hari Om Sharma informed that the entries received for Exotica Recitazione (Drama), Talent Artistique (Cartoons making) and La Chorale (Choir) competitions of Odyssey International were also displayed on the second day of the event today which gave an astounding glimpse of the creativity and multifaceted talents of the student participants from India and abroad. Mr Sharma informed that La Poesie (Poetry writing and Illustration) contest will be held live tomorrow on 13th August on the 3rd day of Odyssey International 2021.

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