Overcoming Anxiety and Stress of NEET EXAMS!!! Best tips to follow

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National Eligibility cum Entrance Test (NEET), just listening to the word brings a shiver to many. It varies from person to person how one is going to tackle the examination. Family pressure also plays an important role for students stressing for the exams. To get into the best medical institutions, a lot of determination and hard work is required. Achieving the cut-off marks limit, study plans and syllabus, all can be a bit hectic which give rise to mental obstacles, distraction and self-doubts; but some handy tips and tricks are always a saviour for anyone to score good marks without stressing it over.

Lets begin with the tips to keep in mind to overcome stress and anxiety during the prepreation:

  • Keep all your notes handy to yourself
    Many of us have a habit of writing in different notebooks every time which creates confusion at the end, mismatching equations in physics and chemistry. So, to avoid such a mess it’s always recommended to make subject wise different notebooks or equal partitions marking them with bookmarks as Biology, Physics and Chemistry in a single notebook to keep the record in one place.


  • Make self notes
    While attending lectures or reading a certain topic, make self notes; they come very handy once you start revising. It will save you some time while going through a topic. Make flowcharts of the reaction equation, chain reactions and the biological process, they are the most convenient way to connect dots and remember a topic. Use different highlighters to mark different topics.
  • Always start preparing beforehand
    Sometimes we procrastinate our work thinking there is a lot more time left, but the reality is the time flies and at the end we can only regret it. The NEET examination requires a lot of effort and time for preparation. At the end we have an ocean like syllabus before us. It’s always recommended to start preparing in small steps. Indulge yourself in small revision sessions. It is recommended to start preparing 2 to 3 months before. 
  • Practise Sample/Old question paper
    There are numerous NEET sample papers available online and books too. Try to solve the maximum number of sample or past year question papers. They give you a roadmap of which subjects has how much weightage and the mostly asked topics. It gives you an idea of the question pattern and helps you to prepare in the same way.
    Let’s say, you study a topic from Chemistry; organic chemistry. Try to solve the related questions and check your grab on the topic
  • Create a time table for yourself
    Make a daily timetable, organise your work according to it. Divide your study time according to the subjects like, physics is what you feel is difficult for you to start with, say you allot 2 hours to it. Take a break in between and then you can start with another topic. Similarly, allot equal time duration to every subject. 
  • Organising study area
    While studying any topic keep all the required books, notes and required material like pencil, pen sticky notes etc. within the reach. Always keep your study area clean, as it will have a positive vibe and help you concentrate more. Write important reactions, process and facts on sticky notes and stick them in front of your table. Just sitting idly and having a glance at them can help you memorize those points.
  • Help others
    Always try and help your friends in helping and struggling to understand a topic. Helping them out will also help you in a way that you will revise a topic altogether and also keep a check on your pre-requisite knowledge of the topic. Even a small detail can be helpful in scoring for the NEET.
  • Take small snack breaks and Keep yourself hydrated
    Take small breaks in 1-2 hours and have some nutritious snacks to keep yourself energetic throughout your study session. Try to avoid junk food. Being well hydrated keeps our mind fresh and active. It helps our brain to work at the best. Drink plenty of water.
  • Exam day preparation
    Keep your Identity card, registration cards, stationary and required documentation ready a day before to avoid the same day hustle. Prepare a proper schedule of everything, wakeup time, revision time (according to one’s need), time taken to reach the examination centre. 
  • Pre visit the examination centres
    Candidates appearing for NEET are always uncountable. Always pre visit your examination centre a day or two prior, to know the exact location and it will also help you plan for the examination day preparation, where to park and time scheduling. 
  • Sleep well
    Sleep is very important to keep our brains functioning in an active manner. The Neet Exam pressure can distort the sleeping pattern as students get involved in late night study sessions. But 6-7 hours of sleep is very necessary. 

Stressing and pressuring oneself can never bring the best out from anyone. Due to high competition in NEET, stress and anxiety are normal for the appearing candidates. We can’t achieve success overnight. Always remember your key focus and strategize your work accordingly.   All we need to do is prepare ourselves to tackle our stress and anxiety in  the best way possible by following these few steps in mind and give our best  shot in achieving our goal. 

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