Outstanding performance by CMS teachers in International Teaching Olympiad

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Lucknow, March 9 : Six teachers of City Montessori School, Chowk Campus, viz. Ms Atmika Jaiswal, Ms Huma Parveen, Ms Ritu Khanna, Ms Nandini Bharti, Ms Fehmina Eram Siddiqui and Ms Amreen Zaidi brought laurels to the institution with their outstanding performance in International CENTA Teaching Professional Olympiad, showcasing their teaching talent and professional skills at the international level. CMS Chief Public Relations Officer, Shri Hari Om Sharma informed that after their excellent performance in CENTA Teaching Olympiad and CENTA Teaching Quotient (CENTA TQ) at the national level, these teachers have showcased the unique CMS education methodology at the international level and have secured their place among the 5000 teachers selected from all over the world. The photographs of these CMS teachers will be displayed on the ‘CENTA Wall of Fame’. Ms Atmika Jaiswal, Ms Huma Parveen, Ms Ritu Khanna and Ms Nandini Bharti have displayed their teaching proficiency in Maths subject for primary classes while Ms Fehmina Eram Siddiqui showcased her teaching talent in English subject for junior classes. CMS Founder Dr Jagdish Gandhi has congratulated all these teachers for their outstanding achievement.

            Shri Sharma informed that Teaching Professionals Olympiad (TPO) is organized every year under the aegis of Centre for Teacher Accreditation and its objective is to encourage and catalyze the development of teaching talents and skills of teachers. In this unique competition, teachers are selected on the basis of subject wise knowledge, experience and high academic standards. Thus, by recognizing the abilities of teachers and developing their talents through this Olympiad, a qualitative change can be brought about in their performance in teaching the students.

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