No upper age limit for medical entrance examination, clarifies medical education regulator:


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 After taking years comes during which the student fighting a legal battle in the Supreme Court. The National Medical Commission on March 9 announced that there will be no fixed upper age limit to appear in the National Admission cum Eligibility exam, the entrance exam for admission to medical colleges across India.

Still, students of any age are allowed to appear in NEET, but this is only the result of interim relief, challenging the government’s decision to fix an upper age limit for general category students by a group of students. After giving it was given to the Supreme Court. 25 years and 30 years in reserved category students of six years back. The court had said that till the final disposal of the ongoing case, the age limit norms would not apply and sought to know the stand of the NMC on the matter.

In a letter issued to the National Testing Agency, which conducts the entrance exam, NMC secretary Pulesh Kumar wrote that in a meeting held on October 21 last year it was decided that there will be no fixed upper age limit for appearing in the Should be NEET-UG Exam.

“Furthermore, the process of official notification to suitably amend the Rules on Graduate Medical Education, 1997 has been initiated,” the letter also said.
Amit Gupta, a teacher who helped students file the petition, called the NMC a victory for students who “sometimes realize late in their lives that they want to become doctors”.

Gupta said, “There are many girls who get married early and start preparing for NEET later than others and there are also minority students who sometimes want to try their luck in medicine after completing religious education. ” “It would be totally unfair if someone, especially from a disadvantaged background, is denied their right to become a doctor, which is seen as a noble profession.”

It was in 2016 for the first time that the Central Board of Secondary Education under the Ministry of Education, which then conducted NEET, decided to introduce upper age limit criteria for medical candidates for the first time.
This decision was soon challenged, first in the Delhi High Court and then in the Supreme Court.

Every year, around 14-15 lakh students appear for the highly competitive NEET, and trend-trackers say only a tiny fraction – around 3-4, 000 – are over the age of 25.

“But our argument is that even a single student, if she wants to become a doctor late in life- should be allowed to appear for the examination and if such a ban is not imposed anywhere in the developed countries, it will not apply. Should be done. A developing country like India,” said Gupta.

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