NMC Ultimatum: Recognition of JN Medical College may be canceled if conditions are not met, flaws found in NMC:


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Aligarh NMC Ultimatum The team of the National Medical Commission (NMC), which came to inspect for increasing the seats in AMU’s JN Medical College, has found all the flaws. The team neither found enough doctors, nor paramedical staff and other staff on duty nor found patients. The beds were also not in the prescribed number. The commission has written a letter to the principal of Jawaharlal Medical College AMU expressing displeasure over not meeting the prescribed standards. After this, the medical administration has started working to rectify the shortcomings. Three months have been given for this. Failure to fulfill the conditions may result in cancellation of recognition of the medical college. The team will re-inspect and submit the report before the commission.

Attempt to increase sheet in MBBS course

There are 150 seats for MBBS course in JN Medical College. The process of increasing 200 seats in the college is going on in the session 2022-23. To increase the seat, the prescribed standards have to be met. For this, a team was sent by the National Medical Commission (National Medical Commission) last month for inspection. This team came on August 8.

employees below standard

It is said that the team had reached before the scheduled date of inspection. The team members inspected various departments of the medical college from OPD to ward. The team found that only 16 percent of faculty and 46.2 percent of senior residents were found. Apart from this, the staff of Anatomy, Physiology, Biochemistry, Pharmacology, Pediatrics, ENT, General Medicine, Community Medicine and other departments were found below the standard.

Fewer beds available in ICU

15 beds are required for each ICU, but only 10 beds are available. The license of the blood bank has expired in March 2022. Biometric device is not working. 75 percent of the beds should be filled, but only 63 percent have been received. In this way other flaws have also been found. The administration says that the employees were on leave due to the festival of Eid. Patients were also few.

flaws being fixed

The process of increasing the seats in Jawaharlal Medical College is going on. The team of the commission had come to inspect. On the basis of the letter of the commission, all the shortcomings are being removed.

Supporter. Rakesh Bhargava, Principal, JNMC

Complaint to the commission, misbehavior with the patients of the village

Congress youth leader Raja Bhaiya had complained to the National Medical Commission about negligence and non-treatment of poor patients in JN Medical College, Jawaharlal Medical College. He had said in the complaint that the patients of the village are misbehaved. Private drug mafia is playing with poor patients in front of emergency. There is a shortage of beds in the ICU. Patients cannot be admitted. Only junior doctors treat patients. Security personnel checking blood in a blood bank

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