NMC Issues Guidelines For Activation Of Face- Enabled AEBAS Machine At All Medical Colleges:


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Delhi The National Medical Commission( NMC) has issued guidelines for cranking the Face Enabled Aadhaar Enabled Biometric Attendance System( AEBAS) Machine.

Medical discourses platoon before reported that NMC had directed all medical sodalities to take way to apply Aadhaar Enabled Biometric Attendance System( AEBAS), Hospital Management Information System( HMIS), and connection of CCTVs feed to the Command and Control Centre at NMC.

The Information Technology Section of NMC issued the warning on January 25, 2023, after noting that despite colorful monuments and requests, several medical sodalities didn’t completely apply the IT enterprise of the Commission

NMC, in its former dispatches, has formerly advised the Medical Colleges that for consideration of any operations for renewals, recognition, COR( durability of Recognition) surprise examinations, increase in UG/ PG seats, blessing of PG courses, council applying for new establishments, the data of AEBAS, HMIS and CCTV integration with NMC will be used for decision making
As per the recent notice, the ensuing process needs to be followed for the smooth perpetration of Aadhaar Enabled Facial Attendance-

The medical sodalities need to post toit.nme@nmc.org.in with the subject” Request for Whitelisting of Face AEBAS Machine.” The following details have to be mentioned in the correspondence

1. Organization Name


3. Nodal Officer Details

4. Device periodical No.

5. Device position

6. Total No. of Biometric machines on demesne

7. Face Machine Activation law( which will be handed by OEM)

The sodalities can spark the AEBAS machine upon evidence correspondence fromit.ninc@nmc.org.in.

National Medical Commission is an Indian nonsupervisory body of 33 members regulating medical education and professionals. It replaced the Medical Council of India on September 25 2020. The Commission subventions recognition of medical qualifications gives delegation to medical seminaries, subventions enrollment to medical interpreters, observers medical practice and assesses the medical structure in India.

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