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Very good and promising news coming from the state of Maharashtra as the state government is planning to open three new medical colleges in the state.

The NMC ( national medical commission) inspected these colleges. This inspection was conducted on the 11th and 12th of August 2021. The NMC forwarded its report to the state as well as the central government. These colleges are situated in the Satara, Sindhudurg, and Alibaug regions of the state. Nmc functions as an inspection committee for the manpower and the facility of a college before giving it a nod to run an MBBS degree. Each college will have a minimum seat capacity of 100 seats. This will result in new opportunities for average neet students and present them with equal chances to compete with the fast-moving society. New seats will result in greater admission opportunities. The construction work in the Krishna Nagar will commence soon after the acquisition of the 62-acre land.


The health department of the state handed over a 350 bed Satara Civil hospital to make it a teaching facility also. It has recently developed a 300-bed covid district facility for the health department. This development in the state has resulted in better education and pandemic control. With this, the Satara Civil Hospital gets controlled by the DMER, instead of the Health Department. While speaking to the camera the DEAN of the Satara College informed that the NMC is satisfied with the infrastructure of the college and this college has been an ambition for the previous DEPUTY CHIEF MINISTER Ajit Pawar who has assured full support for the development of the facility both legally and financially.

The dean of the college told the media that they have infrastructures like a lecture hall, laboratory, and even a library with 3000 books. The new building is set to be started soon after the acquisition of the 62 Acer land, also the department has proposed to develop a 500-bed hospital along the way.

On the other hand, when it comes to the college in Alibaug, it will be the first government-run college in the region of KONKAN. The college also has a preset of developing a 500-bed hospital along with the college facility. In this case, as well the civil hospital has been handed over to DMER by the health department and this has a project of building a 500-bed hospital along with a new college in the village of USAR.


The director, medical education and research(DMER) informed that this development will result in strengthening the conditions of education and health facilities in the state. The new colleges will develop new fields for research and study. Also, it will provide very needed support to a health care facility in the state. The students will have an open-handed opportunity to study in a government-funded state college without much hazel and fees. The NMC committee has also given a nod for the development of these facilities and the deputy chief minister has assured full financial and legal support. These steps have made a very promising future for neet aspirants as well as the medical facilities in the state of Maharashtra. The commencement of the construction of the three colleges in Satara, Alibaug, and Sindhudurg is set to start soon with full speed and support. With this, the NMC has forwarded its report to the central government as well. Once started and completed, these colleges and medical facilities will add a new golden star to the state’s education and health care system.

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