Raipur Medical College
Now MBBS students are giving feedback on how medical teachers teach in class. Medical classes will be made interesting on the basis of this report. For this, training will also be given to the teachers. Students have given a variety of suggestions in the first feedback. In which the focus has been asked from online lectures to practical based studies. Some students have also asked for practical based studies instead of theory.

Health Secretary R Prasanna had recently held a meeting of DME, Deans of all medical colleges and hospital superintendents and asked them to take feedback from the students. Even after this it is being done. Earlier, some colleges had taken feedback on teaching, which was given to them. The main purpose of taking feedback is that the study of medical should be interesting, so that the student does not get bored. He should also study medicine like other subjects. According to the feedback of the students, the teacher training will be done by the experts.

Audio visual education compulsory
The class of MBBS has been given the form of smart class. In this, the teachers not only give lectures but are also teaching through audio visuals. This makes it easier for the students to understand a topic. LED projectors have been installed in all the lecture halls of Nehru Medical College. In this, not only anatomy, physiology, bio chemistry, but also community medicine, medicine, general surgery, pediatric, orthopedic and other subjects are being taught.

Learning Management System Implemented
Learning Management System will also be implemented for MBBS studies. After the order of the National Medical Commission, its preparation has started in all the colleges. According to doctors, NMC has asked to implement Learning Management System compulsorily. In this system, students can see all the assignments in the electronic system. ID will be given to the students for this. As soon as the password is entered, all their assignments will be visible online. This will make it easier for them to learn

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