NEET Solver Gang Under Police Custody.

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According to Satish Ganesh, the police commissioner of Varanasi, a gang was making solvers sit in the NEET exam for the past 6 years and making the candidates pass. Moreover, this gang was making either a solver seat in the UPSC and SSC exams of UP and Bihar or was making candidates pass through the paper leak. 


The mastermind behind the NEET solver gang  under arrest

The interstate solver gang’s mastermind named PK or Nilesh, on whom there was a reward of one lakh is now under the custody of Varanasi. Along with PK, Ritesh Singh posted in Patna Secretariat has also been arrested. Nikesh was arrested from the Sarnath area of Varanasi. He has spread his network densely in India from northeastern to southern parts. The gang makes MBBS and BDS students of the first or second year sit in exams by giving them money. They took around 40 to 50 lakh rupees from candidates in return for writing the exams.



Last September, Varanasi police arrested a BDS student from BHU named Juli Kumari along with her mother. She sat as a solver in place of Hina Vishwas and received a sum of Rs. 5 lakh in return. She was arrested and then the investigation for the solver gang began. 

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