NEET Scam : CBI conducts searches at multiple locations and arrests 4 men who offered medical school admission for money

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NEET Scam : Nearly two weeks after the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) busted a JEE Mains test sham in which proxies were used in place of real applicants for monetary gain, the investigative agency has now uncovered another similar sham in the recent NEET exams. It has detained 4 humans after accomplishing searches at unique locations in reference to a Nagpur-based education services enterprise that provided assistance to assist youngsters byskip NEET assessments for a charge of Rs 50 lakh for each candidate. According to sources, the arrested defendants include the proprietors of the accused company as well as middlemen.

NEET Scam : CBI Report and Other pieces of information:

According to a source, the NEET UG-2021 exam, which was given in pen and paper mode on September 12th, was rigged. As a result, the CBI opened an investigation into the matter on the same day.

According to the CBI, Parimal Kotpalliwar’s Nagpur-based RK Education Career Guidance provided aspiring individuals admission to top government Medical Colleges through deception and unscrupulous tactics. Parents of potential applicants were allegedly contacted by the education firm and assured of admission to medical institutes by manipulating the NEET examination procedure by utilising proxy candidates, according to the CBI. According to sources, the education firm and its affiliates acquired the NEET candidates’ login IDs and passwords and made the necessary changes to ensure that they received their preferred examination centers.


The CBI FIR said, “They also use the process of mixing/morphing photographs to facilitate the use of proxy candidates for appearing in the examination. Copies of e-Aadhar cards of candidates are being collected for the purpose of making forged ID cards. He also assures candidates of providing answer keys and manipulating OMR sheets.”

CBI’s FIR registered regarding the case on September 12, stated, “The parents of the desirous candidate are asked to deposit Post Dated Cheques (PDCs) of the agreed amount and Original Mark sheets of the candidate for Class-X and Class-XII as security which they would return after realising the agreed amount which is up to 50 lakhs.”

What CBI has to Say About the Incident: NEET Scam

The CBI has moreover recognized candidates who paid the price to byskip tests at a Parimal Kotpalliwar-run edu center. Aniket Tarapure, Hritik Mohite, Ritesh Bhajipale, Rusheekesh Thombre, and Shubham Sangole have been identified. “The CBI could not arrest the proxy candidates seeing that they did not display up for the examination at the day we installation a trap.” The JEE case seems to have spooked them, in step with a CBI officer. According to the CBI, Kotpalliwar prepared proxy applicants (the exam solvers) for the aforesaid applicants through a person named Diwakar and his associate Munna. To complete the task, Kotpalliwarhad allegedly traveled to Delhi on 9th of September and paid Munna Rs one lakh.


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