NEET PG Super Speciality 2021 : “Have some concern for students:”

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NEET PG Super Speciality 2021 : The Supreme Court is hearing an appeal against the new exam pattern for the NEET Postgraduate Super Speciality 2021 test. This Supreme Court on Monday slammed the Central government for making changes at the eleventh hour to the pattern of NEET’s postgraduate National Eligibility Cum Entrance Test Super Speciality 2021 (NEET Super Speciality 2021). The NEET-SS exam is scheduled for between November 13-14. The dates for the exam were announced on the 23rd of July. The new pattern was announced on August 31. It was announced on August 31. The Supreme Court has pulled up the Central Government and the National Board of Examination (NBE) to change the format of the NEET-PG Super Specialty Examination 2021 at the last moment. The court has said that the interests of institutions are now more important than the interests of students. The court has slammed at the central government as well as the NBE in a statement that regulation and medical education have turned into an enterprise. This is to ensure that seats at private schools are no longer empty.

 The situation of Medical Education in Country: 

The Supreme Court told the Center as well as the NBE that the pattern for NEET Super Specialty Exam 2021 was changed to ensure that private colleges’ seats are no longer empty. The court sent notices to the Center as well as NBE. National Board of Examination (NBE) regarding the petition, requesting for an answer in which PG doctors acting on behalf of the National Board of Examination had requested that the exam pattern be modified at the very final moment to allow acceptance into the NEET super specialization course. They challenged the decision.

NEET PG Super Speciality 2021 : "Have some concern for students:"

Justice B.V. Nagarathna, on the Bench, pointed out that the students’ studying patterns would follow the exam pattern. An abrupt change in the pattern of the exam at the last minute could make them a mess. Justice Chandrachud asked the government to explain why they were in such a rush to alter the pattern this year and that too after the exam was announced.

NEET PG Super Speciality 2021 : Conclusion

In the last hearing, it was revealed that the Supreme Court had said that doctors shouldn’t be treated like a football game. It is suggested that you hold a discussion about this matter and repair your home. Doctors cannot be to the whims of insensitive bureaucrats. The bench had requested NBE along with NBC to coordinate with health ministers to arrange their houses. This is an important aspect of their (doctors) professional careers. It is impossible to make such changes at the end of the day.

NEET PG Super Speciality 2021 : "Have some concern for students:"


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