“Dr. Bharati Pravin Pawar, Union Minister of State for Health and Family Welfare, stated, “The union government has no plans to halt the NEET and other common entrance examinations.” She said in a written reply to the Lok Sabha today. The national medical admission exams for undergraduate and postgraduate degrees will be held on September 12 and 11, respectively, according to the minister. According to Pawar, the exams will take place with all necessary procedures and protocols in place, including preserving COVID-appropriate behaviour.

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“All applicants will be checked for temperature recording at the entry point. “Candidates who have a temperature that is higher than usual will be permitted to take the exam in a separate isolation lab that has been set up for this reason “The minister of health stated.

The Exam admit cards include a COVID e-pass for easy movement of candidates was informed by the Lok Sabha.  The number of exam centres has been increased, and exam centres have been asked to follow staggered entry and exit of candidates. The measures will be taken to control crowds at exam centres, the use of face masks is mandatory.

Health care for students

Candidates who have a fever that is higher than usual will require to take the test in an isolation lab specifically designed for this purpose.

While applicants is required to wear face masks. The health ministry states that everyone will give a protective safety package that includes a face shield, a face mask, and a hand sanitiser.

According to the National Testing Organization, NEET will hold in September, the fourth phase of JEE main will hold in the final week of August.JEE Main is the first of two entrance exams for major engineering schools, including the Indian Institutes of Technology (IITs).

IITs will hold the JEE advanced test once the JEE main exam results are released.

So at the entry point, all applicants will be verified for temperature recording.  According to M S Pawar, candidates who have a temperature that is higher than usual will permit to take the exam in a special isolation facility.

Candidates are required to wear masks and will give a protective gear safety package that includes a face shield, a mask, and hand sanitiser. According to the minister, who also states that efforts are made to regulate crowds outside testing facilities. Exams in the arts and sciences are the responsibility of the respective institutions or governments.Ms Pawar claims that the examination would be conducted in accordance with all applicable protections and laws, including maintaining Covid-appropriate behaviour. She also noted new safeguards for applicants. To ensure the exam’s safety, test professionals have been considered. To minimise congestion and looting, the number of test centres has been raised around the country.

Candidates will give a Covid e-pass in their admit cards to let them move around more easily.  According to the ministry, there will be stagger admission and exit of candidates from exam centres.

 All the candidates can write the exams safely following the government protocols. Best of luck with your exam. Stay safe! Stay healthy!

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