National Eligibility Test 2023 NEET candidate Disha Sharma, who dreams of becoming a doctor, has petitioned the Rajasthan High Court against the superintendent for destroying her dreams. During the NEET exam on 7 May 2023, an incident occurred with 18 year old NEET candidate Disha Sharma, a cup of tea slipped from mentor’s hand and fell on Disha’s OMR sheet. After that, he was not given any extra time for the exam.

What really happened?

18 year old Disha Sharma from Bassi city in Rajasthan performing for NEET 2023 at Vivek Techno School in Ramnagariya district of Jaipur on 7 May 2023. Her exam is scheduled for 2pm. The tutor walks through the exam room with a cup of tea. Accidentally the cup fell on Disha’s OMR sheet or answer sheet and all the answers on Disha’s OMR sheet were erased because tea spilled on her OMR sheet. A total of 17 questions were not asked due to spilled tea on their OMR sheet.

The tutor asked him to rewrite his answers and not give him extra time to complete the exam papers. When she finally asked the supervisor for just five minutes, he took the OMR sheet from her. After the exams were over, Disha complained to the principal, but the principal did not answer and ignored her pleas. After the incident, Disha had to file a lawsuit against the perpetrator in the Rajasthan High Court.

Session on July 4
Disha and her family filed a petition with the Rajasthan Supreme Court. They took the matter seriously and summoned Disha’s original OMR sheet and complete dossier from NTA. Apart from the CCTV footage from the examination room to the classroom, the principal was also ordered to show it in court on July 4, 2023.

Disha Sharma is a smart girl who has a 99 percent grade in 12th grade. Her dream of becoming a doctor has not been achieved due to an examiner’s mistake.

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