NEET 2022: Tips on how to crack NEET UG 2022 by previous years’ toppers ?



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Every year lakhs of candidates apply for the National Eligibility cum Entrance Test (NEET) UG, which makes it one of the most sought after exam among medical applicants. To crack the exam, candidates are always on the lookout for exam preparation tips. With just a few days left to help candidates in their preparation, here are tips to crack NEET UG 2022 by previous years toppers.


Nikhar Bansal, who comes from a family of doctors in Agra, has secured All India Rank 5 in the National Eligibility cum Entrance Test (NEET) 2021. He has secured 715 marks out of 720 in the medical entrance exam. Talking about his preparation, he said, “Since NEET is a time-restricted exam, I had decided that for the optional questions, if I knew the answer to the top question, I would not waste time reading the second option. I will,” said Nikhar. Only one question got wrong in the exam. He said, “There are concepts in biology and physics that one can understand and take any question, but with chemistry, one has to learn and memorize a lot. I found that troubling ,” They said.

Advising his peers, the soon-to-be doctor said, “NCERT is the key. One does not need to study from too many sources or attempt too many exams. Though it is primitive, it should be thorough with subsequent books and NCERT basics. I also referred to the national level exams by Aakash and the modules were given to me by my teachers.”


Hrutul Chhag, a resident of Kodinar in Gir Somnath, Gujarat, followed strict discipline to prepare for the exam. For his fellow NEET aspirants, he suggests that NCERT is the most important source of study. “Study NCERT and focus on it. Many students do not read it properly. Practice adequate amount of questions from NCERT. If one is not able to crack NEET 2021, then he/she should not give up and stay motivated. Practice and persistence are the keys. Study hard and you will crack it,” suggests Hrutul.


Aman Kumar Tripathi from Uttar Pradesh also mostly focused on practice questions from Physics and Chemistry modules along with NCERT class notes as well. He did not have any fixed time or schedule for his preparations. “I started my paper with biology, followed by chemistry and physics. Since this year’s exam pattern had two sections, firstly, from section A, I solved all the four sections Zoology, Botany, Chemistry and Physics. Then I attempted section B. After completing section A about 80 percent of the answers were completed and so I felt a little relaxed and got energy to do the next part.”


Aniruddha Das, a native of Bengaluru, secured 99 percentile in the medical entrance exam – NEET 2021. Talking about his preparation, he says, “For Physics, I studied Objective Physics by DC Pandey (both sections 1 and 2) for NEET, while for Chemistry and Biology, I studied ‘MTG NCERT At Your Fingertips’. Apart from these, I also solved MTG’s NEET/AIPMT previous year question bank which had questions from 1988 to 2020. I used this book for all three subjects.

He tried to attempt NEET paper in reverse order which means he did biology first, then chemistry and finally physics because scoring perfect 100 percentile in biology is not very difficult as it is a scoring subject , says the aspiring doctor. “You must have plenty of time to fill the OMR sheet. It can hurry you up and force you to make mistakes in biology, which is really a disaster. So I decided to do my paper in reverse order. Tried,” he said. ,

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