CUT-OFF SCORES OF 2019: Speaking of the cut-off scores for general and the EWS categories in the year 2k19, they rose from 701-134 to 720-147. As for the Scheduled Caste, Scheduled Tribe, and Other Backward Caste, it went up from 137-107 to 146-113. Now taking into consideration the PWD and the differently-abled among the SC, ST, and OBC the cut-off scores rose too. 


 In the year 2020 the NEET cut-off scores for MBBS/ BDC rose again. For the general category, it went up to 50percentile, for physically challenged among the general category it was 45 percentile. Taking into consideration SC, ST, OBC, and the physically abled among them the cut-off score was 40 percentile. This rise in the cut-off scores every year is a result of higher average marks scored by a particular candidate. The formula for calculating cutoff scores and percentile is uploaded on the official website along with the results every year.

EXPERTS VIEWS ON CUT-OFF SCORES FOR NEET 2021: Considering the opinion of top educational activists the cutoff scores for all the categories in the upcoming neet exam tend to rise again. However, keeping in mind the current pandemic situation the rise won’t be that sharp as in the previous year. This is because there has been a lack of focus amongst many applicants. Although the number of candidates will decrease so the average marks must rise but the marks scored won’t be that high as scored by students of the previous year with proper physical training. Many of the candidates had medical situations persisting with them or with their family members, as a result, the preparation quality deteriorates. The live example of this scenario can be seen in the JEE MAINS examination for BTech. Entries across the country. The cutoff scores remained nearly as of 2020 for all the categories. Similarly, we can expect the same with the NATIONAL ELIGIBILITY CUM ENTRANCE TEST(NEET)

EXPECTED CUT-OFF SCORES FOR THE UPCOMING EXAM: These scores are a result of expert analysis and do not make any fixed guarantee. 

Experts believe that for the unreserved category the cut-off marks would be in the range of 728-152. For the SC, ST, and OBC category it would be somewhere near 152-118. There is clearly not a major rise and the required cutoffs are somewhere near to that of 2019. The rise in required marks will not create any detectable impact on the percentile scores and the required percentile for all categories will remain very very close to the percentile scores of 2020. The experts also claimed that the level of paper would also be made a little easy to solve keeping in mind the preparation and the situation of the country and the education system affected by the pandemic. 

At last, let’s keep our fingers crossed and hope for the best to happen.

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