NEET 2020 | Two Girls from a government school in rural Tamil Nadu clear exam in first attempt

NEET Bulletin (Bureau, New Delhi): News from rural Tamil Nadu, two girls who studied at the Government Higher Secondary School at Velliangadu, in Coimbatore district have cleared the National Eligibility-cum-Entrance Test (NEET) in their first attempt without taking any special entrance coaching. This is a matter of pride that even they have a lack of resources and facility they cleared NEET 2020 in the first attempt.

S. Ramya of a Scheduled Tribe (ST) and P. Bistis Prisca of a Scheduled Caste (SC) scored 145 and 167 marks respectively and are the well-deserving candidates.

The amazing thing is they did not take any classes or any crash course. S Ramya said she only prepared using their XI and XII material from textbooks. Moreover, P. Bistis Prisca attended a crash course for 3 days for subjects namely Physics, Chemistry, Biology.

Also majorly due to covid, they were not able to visit any teachers and take any face to face assistance, but the amount of dedication they showed is totally commendable.

This is the very first -time students have managed to cleared NEET after school. The good news is their Headmaster A. Bellie said they would provide financial assistance with help of the school if their medical seats were confirmed.

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