Moradabad: MDS Student Found Hanging In Her Hostel Room

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According to the Moradabad police statement, the corpse of a 23-year old woman MDS student was discovered hanging in her hostel room in Moradabad, Uttar Pradesh on Monday dt.18-10-2021. Vaishali Chaudhari was a 25-year-old living in Hapur. According to Moradabad police, this incident was taken to the police by officials from the university. Police are currently questioning the students of the deceased, as well as university officials. The family of the deceased is also informed of the incident. She was studying for a master of Dental Surgery degree at Moradabad’s Tirthankar University. However, the police have taken her body for post mortem and are awaiting the report before coming to a definitive conclusion. Nobody has filed a complaint in the case until the present.

The Police About the Incident:

A second-year MDS (Master of Dentistry) student from Teerthanker Mahaveer University (TMU) was reportedly killed in Moradabad. Vaishali shared her accommodation with classmates. The roommates were going to class, but she stayed behind. The body was discovered hanging from the fan. Moradabad police confirmed that the body was sent to a post-mortem exam. Vaishali’s mother, who traveled to Moradabad from Hapur after learning of the suspected suicide of her daughter, may have never taken her own life. “Vaishali sounded quite happy when she talked to me today morning,” she told me. Police say Vaishali was discovered hanging on the ceiling fan of her room in the hostel in the presence of her roommate Priya at the end of the day.

The police are questioning the deceased’s friends, as well as university officials, and the victim’s family was informed. Circle police officer (CO) Indu Sidhartha said that, at first glance, it’s a suicide, but the exact reason for the death will be discovered when the autopsy report is released.

Another death occurred on the 6th of July in 2013 the day Neeraj Bhadana, a freshman MBBS pupil from Faridabad was discovered dead on campus. A CBI investigation was initiated and it’s still not come to an end. The victim died following an injury from falling off the balcony of the hostel. In 2021 the investigating agency applied for the conclusion, but the request was rejected by the court of special appeals.


Her roommates and other friends are being interrogated along with the university faculty to determine whether she was suffering from any mental stress. The investigation is ongoing from every angle possible.

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