NEW DELHI, May 22 (PTI) — The Supreme Court has ordered the National Medical Council to convene a panel of experts in the field to submit an application for further development of methods to assess the disabilities of students with mental illness and a special learning disorder (SLD) for consideration. and Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) to provide quotas for admission to the MBBS course.

The Supreme Court decision followed an application by Vishal Gupta, who was denied a reservation for admission to the MBBS course under the Disabilities Rights Act on the grounds that his intellectual disability was 55 per cent, which made him ineligible for admission to medical school.

If the certifying authority certifies that a person’s disability is not less than 40 per cent, then by law the individual is considered a “reference disability” and in this condition the candidate cannot claim conditions of admission.

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A panel consisting of Chief Justice D.Y. Chandrachud and Hakim P.S. Narasimha and J.B. Pardiwala noted the submission of lawyer Gaurav Kumar Bansal, who is running as a candidate for MBBS, that people suffering from SLD and ASD should not be considered as miserable being treated and denied quota allowances under the law.

The Chamber noted the NMC (National Medical Council) adviser’s request that a committee had been formed to review regulations for postgraduate medical education and that the matter was now at the follow-up discussion and decision stage. manufacture.

He gave an example, the MBBS candidate’s complaint was related to the assessment of the disability of individuals with certain intellectual disabilities such as SLD and ASD.

The court will be notified of the decision made and a status report will be filed on the outcome, his order, listed Gupta’s application for another hearing on July 17.

In his petition, Gupta said his disability rate due to mental illness was 55 per cent, as certified by Lady Hardinge Medical College and Associated Hospitals, and that he had been discriminated against.

Authorities denied Gupta the opportunity to go to medical school due to his over 40 percent mental illness, nor did they give him the quota an MBBS candidate like him was legally entitled to receive for people with disabilities, the lawsuit said.

“It is respectfully stated that Section 32 of the Rights of Persons with Disabilities Act 2016 requires respondents to provide a minimum reservation of 5% to persons with reference disabilities and that the National Medical Commission has set a quota for persons with disabilities provided.” ,” it said.

He sought an injunction against the center and others, including the NMC, to allow Gupta, who has a reportable disability, to continue medical school within the disability quota.

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