Medical college teachers, doctors will come under the direct lens of NMC:



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Instructs institutions to add biometric attendance from New Delhi, install CCTV cameras in campuses

The NMC has directed the Government and Private Medical Colleges to link the Biometric Attendance of Teachers/Doctors to it (NMC) and install CCTV cameras at various locations in the Institute to monitor them directly from New Delhi.
NMC recently held a video conference with the principals of all medical colleges including private institutions and directed them to install CCTV cameras in the campus.

In this regard, one of the principals of a medical college run by the Jharkhand government said that till now the biometric attendance of teachers/doctors was already linked with the health department of the state, but now it will also be linked to NMC Delhi.
“Now the NMC will monitor the medical college through bio-metric attendance of teachers and its activities through direct link of CCTV cameras instead of conducting sudden inspection of the institute in a year,” said the principal, who did not mention his name. requested to give. Name.
NMC has directed installation of CCTV cameras at patient registration counters in hospitals, classrooms and other places to monitor the activities of teachers/doctors. However, wards in hospitals, examination rooms and other places have been exempted from CCTV lenses to protect the privacy of patients and students.
The NMC’s directive will crack down on such private medical colleges, which keep teachers only on paper to show the strength of the faculty to the monitoring body of medical colleges.

Reportedly, the names of the teachers are enrolled in two to three private medical colleges and they visit the institutions for three to six months in a year to collect their salary. Many teachers of Jharkhand medical colleges are also enrolled in private medical colleges in Nepal, Uttar Pradesh and other states after retirement.

In private medical colleges, the retirement age of teachers is 70 years, but in Jharkhand government-owned medical colleges it was 65 years (now 76). So after retirement, they move to private institutions on contract basis.

A principal said, “Now with the direct link of biometric attendance and installation of CCTV cameras in the campus under the supervision of NMC, fake appointment of teachers and OPD attendance of private medical college patients will be exposed.

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