Medical College Exams 2020- Guidelines Issued by MCI Saying that Students will not be promoted without Exams

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NEET Bulletin ( New Delhi, Desk): Guidelines from MCI have been released saying that no students will be promoted without giving exams.
MCI has clearly stated that no student batch will be allowed to be promoted to the next batch without clearing proper examinations, which closely means that the medical colleges will conduct examinations for all the students to promote all the students to the next level. The students can only start their internships once they have passed their exams and clear out their session end exams.

The MCI further stated that the MBBS colleges that have completed their course may not wait for the formal reopening of the colleges and are eligible to give the exams. It also added saying once the colleges are permitted by the government government, they should conduct the MBBS university exams preferably in one month only.


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