Covid-19 has set its foot nearly around mid-December 2019, since then it is now going to be two years in just a couple of months and the world is still suffering from this catastrophic disease. The world has lost an infinite number of lives and is still losing. India also wasn’t able to run from this pandemic. Recently the 2nd wave of covid has created a lot of damage to human life and it is expected that soon the 3rd wave of covid will hit India, or say has hit some of the states of India. Recently, MBBS students in Mumbai have been tested positive for Covid-19. 

MBBS students tested positive for Covid-19 in Mumbai 

Reports state that 29 MBBS students have been tested positive for Covid-19. They were from Mumbai’s civic-run KEM hospital situated in Parel. The news was confirmed by the dean, Dr Hemant Deshmukh. It was also confirmed by the sources from hospitals that the students showed no symptoms, they were either asymptomatic or were having mild symptoms. 

It has also been found out that the students comprised both the first year and second-year batch. Out of 29 students, it is said 23 students were from. The first batch and the rest six were from the second batch of MBBS. Moreover, it is also said that around 25 students were fully vaccinated i.e. they had taken both doses of the vaccines but this news cannot only be confirmed by the hospital individually. 

Two of the students were admitted to SevenHills Hospital situated in Andheri. Others are put into quarantine. No news is given about how the students were infected. It is confirmed from the hospital sources that some of the healthcare workers were having occasional infections. 


Kishori Pednekar (Mayor) has told the agencies that of all the students infected, everyone was done with the first dose of vaccine. She also stated they might have caught the virus due to cultural and sports events which were held in the college. Covid can be prevented if precautionary measures are taken very seriously. One must wear a mask and sanitize themselves at regular intervals. 

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