September 17, 2021

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MBBS Students Have to Maintain Logbook: MCI Made it Mandatory

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NEET Bulletin(New Delhi, Desk): Medical Council of India (MCI) has made it mandatory for MBBS students to fill and maintain the logbook on daily basis issued by MCI. Logbook will contain information regarding everyday activities like what did they learn, on which day they did read which topic, what did they do related to that topic and what remark did the subject teacher gave on that. Students have to answer all such questions daily and on MCI website performance of the logbook can be seen. Logbook will help evaluate the students and along with that teachers also.
Studies pattern is now changed for studying MBBS, MCI has linked subjects to practicality like focus on case study , if topic is attached to heart in that case the case study will be explained to the students, questions will be asked based on case study. Also some new subjects have been added by MCI.


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