MBBS: NMC gave big relief to Indian medical students returned from Ukraine, took this decision:

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MBBS in Ukraine: Indian medical students who have returned from war-torn Ukraine will now be allowed to complete their studies by taking admission in universities of other countries. In view of the current special circumstances, the National Medical Commission (NMC) has agreed to recognize the Academic Mobility Program of Ukraine to allow such students to complete their education but the degree will be awarded by the parent university of Ukraine only. According to the National Medical Commission law, students studying in foreign medical colleges are required to hold a degree from only one university.

A public notice issued by the NMC on Tuesday said Ukraine’s offer for a mobility program was considered in the commission in consultation with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. It is informed that the Academic Mobility Program is a temporary arrangement for admission to other universities in different countries globally. The notice states that the degree will be awarded by the parent university of Ukraine only.

A few days ago, the central government had said that after passing the foreign medical undergraduate examination, students will have to undergo compulsory recurring medical internship (CRMI) for two years instead of the current one.

This rule of India increased the tension:
Medical students are not allowed to study online for more than six months from the country’s National Medical Commission (NMC MBBS Guidelines), now it has become a compulsion to return there. The conditions of the National Medical Commission (no more than six months of online education) have been informed to the universities of Ukraine. MBBS degree will be available after online studies, but it will not be recognized in India.

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